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Traditional Tres Leches Cake

Traditional Tres Leches Cake is one of my most favorite Mexican desserts. The cake is soaked in milk to create an extra ordinary cake eating experience!
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time27 mins
Chilling time4 hrs
Total Time47 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Mexican
Servings: 4
Calories: 343kcal
Author: Neha



  • 75 Gms (10 Tbsp) Cake Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • ⅛ tsp Salt
  • 3 Eggs, seperated (room temperature)
  • ½ Cup (100 gms) Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Oil
  • 80 ml Creamer or full fat milk

For the Milk Mixture

  • 10.5 Oz (¾ Can) Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • ¼ Cup Left Field Farms Creamer (of choice)
  • ¾ Cup Milk (Full fat)

For Topping

  • 1 Cup Whipping Cream (Full fat)
  • 2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar
  • ⅛ tsp Vanilla extract
  • A few fresh Strawberries (to Serve)


  • 1. Preheat your oven to 320°F (160°C) and line a 6-inch square cake tin with parchment paper. Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature.
    2. Add egg yolks + half of sugar to a mixing bowl and beat for a minute. Add oil, salt and milk to the bowl and mix in till everything gets combined well.
    3. Now add in sifted cake flour and baking powder to the mixture and fold it in.
    4. In a separate clean and dry bowl, add egg whites (at room temperature only) and beat in for a minute or until frothy. Slowly keep on adding the remaining sugar and beating continuously until the egg whites form soft peaks. This will take around 5-6 minutes.
    5. Mix egg whites in the cake batter in three batches. And fold in using a spatula.
    6. Pour the mix in your lined cake tin and bake for 25-28 mins or until a tooth pick inserted in the center comes out clean.
    7. Invert the cake tin, as soon as you take it out of the oven and let it cool down completely. Poke the cake with a fork.
    For the Milk Mixture:
    1. Mix together condensed milk, milk and creamer in a medium mixing bowl until blended well and pour over cake.
    2. Cover and chill the cake in refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours.
    For Whipped CreamTopping:
    1. Add sugar and vanilla to a mixing bowl and add in chilled whipping cream to it.
    2. With a hand mixer whip till it gets firm and stiff peaks form. Take care not to over whip the cream or else it may curdle.
    3. Spread over cake. Keep the cake refrigerated until ready to eat.
    4. Cut cake into slices and serve cold with fresh strawberries on top.


  1. You can substitute cake flour with all purpose flour if you desire, but cake flour produces the best texture.
  2. Do not skimp on the chilling time of this cake. Tres leches tastes best when all the milk gets soaked up. So always prepare the sponge ahead of time.
  1. You can store the unsoaked sponge at room temperature for 2 days, or even freeze it for 2 months. Thaw before soaking.
  2. Milk soaked and cream topped Tres Leches cake is stored in refrigerator for 3-4 days but it tastes best when consumed with in 2 days.


Calories: 343kcal